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Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

Aug 1, 2017

For episode 6, Chad Wells drops in. Wells currently helms the psychedelic-tinged band Cricketbows. We kick off the conversation with talk about their new EP “Communion” (1:00) and their full-length film “Where the Ocean Meets the Sky” (3:15). Chad also plays an exclusive solo acoustic performance of the track “Games People Play” (8:14).

Chad tells us why The Monkees are the “cornerstone from which all other music is judged” for him (12:33). The deep dive into the albums begins with “Headquarters” (19:14), “Pieces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, LTD” (42:00), “The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees”(52:05) and the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to “Head” (1:02:09).

As always, thank you to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” as the theme music. That track is available on their 2017 EP WARPIG. Pick up your copy today from their Band Camp page.