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Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

Nov 29, 2018

I’m not waiting for Dec. 31 to make a New Year’s resolution. I’m vowing to put one of these “shows” up every week for the foreseeable future. Put it on the board – commitment = made.

I kick things off this week by recommending a few podcasts. They are by no means new, but they are new to me. The first is “99% Invisible” hosted by Roman Mars. I couldn’t remember Mars’s name while I was recording, and rather than editing out my ignorance, I leaned into it. It’s a great show that tells engrossing tales about seemingly mundane topics. It is flawlessly executed and always enlightening. As I was catching up on a few shows I missed, Mars recommended “the memory palace” hosted by Nate DiMeo. DiMeo deals in more long form essays rather than relying on interviews. His writing style is pretty phenomenal. Check them both out.

My guest is the incredible Kyleen Downes. Downes released her latest EP “FRIENDS” earlier this year. We talk about how these songs were written and if her relationship with the songs has changed after eight months of playing them live. She performs the track “Six Years.”

We then deep dive on the 2002 Coldplay album “A Rush of Blood to the Head.”

As always, thank you to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their song “Cut You Loose” from their 2017 EP “WARPIG.”