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Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

Dec 6, 2017

Travis Talbert has been the lead guitar player for Frontier Folk Nebraska for more than a decade. He also has released the album “Louisville via Boston” with his project Mavis Guitar. He tells us about FFN’s 2017 release “WARPIG” (2:19) and talks about going into the studio for some 2018 releases (4:26).

We tackle the wide lens issue of guitar players. Talbert talks about his personal history with the instrument (9:14), how he discovered Stevie Ray Vaughn (19:40) and how that led him to the world of Albert King, Freddie King and so many other blues greats (25:26).

As always, a special thanks to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” off their “WARPIG” EP.