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Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

Aug 17, 2017

For episode seven, David Payne joins the show. The front man for The New Old-Fashioned has a lot going on at the moment. Preliminary work has begun on that band’s next release, but Payne has kept busy in the meantime. An impromptu home demo recording session turned out so well that he has decided to release the tracks.

On this podcast, Payne talks about that new EP “Cheaper than Therapy” (0:40). He performs the songs “Cheaper than Therapy” (6:04) and “Silver & Gold” (18:18). We talk about John Prine’s 1971 self-title debut release (23:00), Ryan Adam’s 2002 album “Demolition” (40:30) and Shrug’s 2005 release “Whole Hog for the Macho Jesus” (56:42).

As always, thank you to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” as the theme music. That track is available on their 2017 EP "WARPIG." Pick up your copy today from their Band Camp page.