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Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

Oct 5, 2017

This week, I’m rolling solo. For the next few weeks, I will be in full monologue mode discussing the albums that shaped my love for music. First off is Kiss “Alive II” from 1977. This was the first album that I picked out on my own and my first proper introduction to heavier music than I had heard. I talk about why the album was so important to me, how the death of Elvis and the rise of punk fit into the Kiss universe and the problems I have with the band’s later era.

I also draw heavily from a Chuck Klosterman article published on Everyone should read it.

As always, thank you to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their song “Cut You Loose” as the theme music. That track is available on their 2017 EP “WARPIG.” Pick up your copy today from their Bandcamp page.